Zoe the Explorer
You’re Special Provides Freedom With A New Set of Wheels

Zoe is a toddler who loves to play. Born with spina bifida, which occurs when the spine and spinal cord do not form properly; it is hard for Zoe to move around freely. Thanks to a referral from her physical therapist, WNC Bridge Foundation purchased a ZipZac® for this fun-loving girl. The chair’s low-level design makes it much easier for Zoe to explore and interact with her world. WNC Bridge Foundation’s You’re Special Fund was specifically created to help individuals in need pay for critical items, such as the ZipZac®.

Like most of us, Zoe and her family have been spending a lot of time at home. During a rare evening at a friend’s house, Zoe delighted in participating with the other children in their play—the other kids on their bikes and Zoe in her ZipZac®. She has developed her “driving” skills and can now play on an equal level with the other children.

“Since getting her new wheels, Zoe has learned to propel it forward and backward, and she navigates many obstacles in her home without difficulty,” her physical therapist Sandy Davis reports. “She loves racing and playing chase games with her three older brothers.”

In sending her thanks to the Foundation, Zoe’s mother, Tonya Smith told us, “The ZipZac® has opened up exciting and new play opportunities for my daughter.” Tonya also shared Zoe is thriving and is becoming familiar with her first manual wheelchair.

“I am so thankful for the role WNC Bridge Foundation has played in helping Zoe be mobile and live life to the fullest!”

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Toddler girl sitting in a pink bike that sits low to the ground
18-month old Zoe loves yogurt-covered raisins, playing in her kitchen, and riding her Zip-Zac.