Our Role in Western North Carolina

WNC Bridge Foundation exists to connect our communities to a healthier future and to create lasting change through local partnerships. Our efforts are focused on expanding access and equity for vulnerable populations in our communities.

As an organization, we have been rooted in this community since 2003, when we began as CarePartners Foundation. In January 2019, we became WNC Bridge Foundation, broadening our focus to serve as a catalyst for positive change throughout the 18 counties we serve in WNC. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization; contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

To provide funds to assist in meeting the health challenges of people in the communities of Western North Carolina and to empower non-profits to impact individual and community wellness in those communities.

To be a catalyst for change in Western North Carolina by eliminating barriers that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential.

  • Collaboration | We believe it is necessary for communities, organizations and individuals to work together to overcome regional issues and eliminate inequities.
  • Excellence | We are focused on results and encourage innovation that produces positive, measurable outcomes in the present and for the future.
  • Equality | We work to create access to health, education and economic opportunity that allows all WNC residents to thrive.
  • Optimism | We truly believe that, by working together with the people and organizations of Western North Carolina, we can drive lasting change in the areas of greatest need.
  • Openness | We operate with transparency, encouraging dialogue among non-profit organizations and the communities we serve to build trust and understanding.
  • Action | We understand that change only happens when dedicated people convert good intentions into concrete, measurable realities.