WNC Bridge Utilizes its Children’s Services Fund in Local School Districts 

WNC Bridge’s Children’s Services Fund provides funding to families for essential medical care and equipment for children suffering from serious medical conditions, such as developmental or neurological disorders. Whether WNC families need assistance purchasing medications or hearing aids, wheelchairs, and other specialized equipment for children, the Children’s Services Fund recognizes that it is imperative to enable children to experience the mobility and freedom that so many of us take for granted every day.

WNC Bridge is expanding our initiative to programs across WNC, including Exceptional Children Programs in Macon, McDowell, Polk, and Transylvania County School Districts, hoping to increase services to schools across all 18 Western North Carolina counties.

In April 2022, WNC Bridge Foundation met with administrators and educators at Polk County Middle School (PCMS) to identify needs within their Exceptional Children Department (ECD). PCMS currently serves approximately 76 students in their ECD and an additional 35 students in their English as a Second Language Program. At PCMS, 1 in 5 students require specialized assistance and instruction to make meaningful progress in general curriculums and developmental activities.

According to Morgan Bradley, Development Officer for WNC Bridge Foundation, the goal is to assist the School Districts, Educators, and Students and ultimately expand awareness of WNC Bridge’s Community Initiatives. Additionally, forming these relationships will allow WNC Bridge to better serve as a resource to the families of children in these programs and children throughout WNC on an individual, at-home basis.

Many healthcare providers no longer accept Medicaid or Medicare to the extent they once were. With many types of needed medical equipment and supplies not covered by various insurance plans, the need for assistance is significant and growing daily. WNC Bridge understands that many people who call Western North Carolina home either rely on or lack the health coverage needed to fit the bill. In circumstances where private insurance or Medicare are not applicable, WNC Bridge Foundation’s 5 Community Initiatives, such as Children’s Services Fund, bridge the gap for families facing financial hardships while also lacking the essential healthcare equipment and supplies they need.

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"WNC Bridge’s generosity will support teachers throughout Polk County Middle School and will engage and enrich some of our most complex students with a wide range of abilities and exceptionalities!" ~ Todd Murphy Principal, Polk County Middle School