Volunteer Spotlight

As one of WNC Bridge Foundation’s original Estate Sale volunteers, Wilma Carlisle has helped orchestrate countless bi-weekly sales. Her knowledge of the entire estate sale process allows Wilma to step into any situation and see what needs to be done. She has even enlisted the help of her husband, Everette, to evaluate tools and equipment that come with some estates. Wilma has been a dedicated, reliable, good-natured colleague for over 14 years at WNC Bridge.

Recently, Wilma has needed to limit her time volunteering to care for her siblings and their families. When her younger brother in Texas suffered a stroke and wanted to move back to the Weaverville area, Wilma stepped in to find a care facility that met his needs. She checked in regularly to ensure her brother got to appointments and helped with his daily needs.

Now, her younger brother lives independently, and Wilma continues to be closely involved in his life. She checks to make sure he has food in the refrigerator, his apartment is clean, and he’s getting to his appointments.

Wilma is also helping with the care of her older brother’s wife, who has progressed into an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s. Wilma spends time with her sister-in-law at the couple’s home so her brother can tend to their farm. As a companion with whom her sister-in-law is at ease, Wilma can encourage her to help with things like cooking and cleaning, so her sister-in-law feels active and present in her own life.

This holiday season, Wilma will ensure that her brothers and their families are safe and taken care of. She’ll be decorating for Christmas in her own home and will be making an apple stack cake, a family recipe her mother taught her. It’s a tradition Wilma likes to share with her young great-granddaughter, ensuring she experiences the joy of being home for the holidays.

Wilma’s unflappable capacity to step in and provide a helping hand shows up throughout her life. No matter how busy she is, Wilma always makes time for her family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues at WNC Bridge Estate Sales.

As one of WNC Bridge Foundation's original Estate Sale volunteers, Wilma Carlisle has helped orchestrate countless bi-weekly sales.
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