Summer Snack Bags for Children in Yancey County

This past summer, WNC Bridge Foundation awarded a NOW Grant to Feed-A-Child, an organization providing food to “at-risk and food insecure” kids throughout Yancey County. Feed-A-Child currently serves 500 children a week during the school year. Grant funding from WNC Bridge Foundation allowed the organization to distribute its food bags during the summer months.

Feed-A-Child’s focus is providing healthy snacks directly to at-risk children so that even if there is not an adult at home, children will still have something to eat. The snacks are carefully chosen to be “age-appropriate” for each age group enabling youth to have food that can be prepared without adult supervision. In the past, Feed-A Child provided healthy snacks to children during the school year, but at the request of Yancey County Public Schools, the organization broadened its efforts to also provide food bags during the summer months. Recent data from N.C. Child states that in 2019, 58% of children in Yancey County were living in poor or low-income homes.

“Serving healthy snacks children can prepare themselves during the summer months has been an important need in our county,” said Robert Wyatt, President at Feed-A-Child. “We were honored to partner with WNC Bridge Foundation to help keep children healthy and happy this past summer.”

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Feed-A-Child cofounders Robert & Glenda Wyatt pack easy to prepare snacks for children in Yancey County to eat during the summer months.