Scoooting Freely

Three-year-old Finn Culler of Hendersonville was born with a rare brain malformation, polymicrogyria, causing him to experience severe epilepsy, resulting in as many as ten seizures a day. In February 2022, Finn underwent surgery, which has been successful in preventing additional seizures. However, the surgery has caused severe weakness in one side of Finn’s body.

WNC Bridge Foundation’s Children’s Services Fund provided Finn with a mobility device called Scooot. Finn’s mother, Lauren, told us, “The difference the Scooot has made for Finn is enormous. He can now move freely through our home and community with ease. We have several dogs, and before receiving his Scooot, Finn did not enjoy our pets at all. The dogs would give him kisses, but he felt overwhelmed by their presence as he could not escape them. Now he loves on our fur babies and enjoys spending time with his dogs.”

In addition to providing mobility for Finn, the Scooot also helps strengthen his legs. “The near constant use of both legs to motor himself around in his Scooot has strengthened Finn’s muscles tremendously. He is now pulling himself into a standing position and even cruises on furniture when not using his Scooot,” Lauren shares.

Finn is putting his increasing strength to good use; he loves to play hide and seek with his big brother Grayson. “Every time Finn finds his big brother, laughter fills our home. I cannot thank WNC Bridge supporters enough for its generosity. Your donations have provided Finn with mobility equipment we would not have been able to provide on our own. Thank you.

The Scooot is designed to help Finn play, explore, and participate in a way that best suits his abilities.
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