Grant Allows Clients to Monitor Blood Pressure in a New Way

Did you know the higher your blood pressure levels, the more risk you have for other health problems, such as heart disease, heart attack, and stroke?  Unfortunately, high blood pressure is also common among many mountain community residents, which is why WNC Bridge Foundation is excited to announce a project it initially funded has recently received a rural primary improvement grant. As a result, UNC Chapel Hill and East Carolina University will now administer this unique program.

The rural primary improvement grant aims to help clients monitor their blood pressure levels at home in partnership with a local doctor, pharmacist, and nutritionist team that can help them implement changes in medications and lifestyle. A unique component of this grant is that the blood pressure cuffs the clients will use at home delivers data instantly using cellular-connected devices. For clients, that means no worries over syncing, WiFi connectivity, or downloading apps. For providers, that means consistent, reliable data for better patient outcomes.

This project is specifically designed to improve systolic blood pressure control in diverse at-risk patients from rural and underserved communities by leveraging technological advances in blood pressure monitoring, telehealth care, and management of adverse social determinants of health. The rural primary improvement grant will impact residents who receive medical care in Asheville, Bakersville, Candler, and Columbus.

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