Getting Together in Cherokee County

A NOW Grant from WNC Bridge Foundation enabled the 13 Community Development Clubs in Cherokee County to meet in person, a feat that had not happened since 1974. As a result, club members gathered together to share resources, build relationships, and reenergize their clubs, many of which have struggled since the pandemic. In addition, the NOW Grant provided each club with $150 allowing them to purchase needed supplies.

“The common mission of our clubs is to provide a building for the community to meet, have social gatherings, have instructional classes for health, aging, youth activities, bereaved family dinners, community beautification projects, and social fellowship. They are so important to our residents,” notes Nancy Helms, treasurer of the Grape Creek Community Development Club.

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Teri Wells, assistant secretary of the Texana Community Development Club, talks about WNC Communities & Agriculture Programs. Photo by Abigail Hickman/Cherokee Scout.