Embracing Change

Mike and Barbara Beckerman have led a fascinating and adventurous life. From their first meeting in Memphis over 50 years ago, they have called Delaware, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and most recently Alaska home before finally “moving back home” to Hendersonville.

Throughout the years, Mike served as the Director of Optometry for the U.S. Indian Health Service, while Barbara worked as a school psychologist at various elementary schools. As their love for nature and art grew, so did their collections of antiques, Native American art, and cherished family heirlooms. When they retired to Hendersonville over 20 years ago, they chose a spacious 4,400-square-foot home in Kenmure to house their treasured memories.

As time passed, Mike and Barbara realized they needed to downsize and simplify their lives. They wanted to spend more time enjoying their granddaughter and less time managing their possessions. However, parting with their beloved collections and moving to a smaller home in a local retirement community was a daunting decision.

Fortunately, they connected with a couple in their neighborhood who had recently worked with WNC Bridge Foundation’s Estate Sales & Services. Their neighbors encouraged Mike and Barbara to reach out to Estate Sales, reassuring them, “Once you do it, you won’t regret it!”

Taking their advice to heart, Mike and Barbara decided to move forward. Although it was not an overnight process, with the help of WNC Bridge Foundation’s Estate Sales & Services, they managed to keep the most special items while letting go of the rest. In just two trips, WNC Bridge handled everything, facilitating a smooth transition to their beautiful new 1,600-square-foot home, which remains filled with cherished memories.

Mike and Barbara are thrilled with their decision to downsize. They find comfort in knowing their treasures are being appreciated by others, and proceeds from their sale are supporting WNC Bridge’s Community Initiatives.

Mike and Barbara are thrilled with their decision to downsize.
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