Community Initiatives Advocate Helps Student Get Much-Needed Surgery

Our Community Initiatives advocates play a crucial role in assisting the underserved children and adults in their Western North Carolina communities by making the necessary connections to fulfill the needs they see firsthand in their clients’ lives.

Allison Cathey, a Speech-Language Pathologist for Buncombe County schools, submitted a Community Initiatives application to WNC Bridge Foundation in January on behalf of a student suffering from pain and hearing loss caused by chronic otitis media (middle ear fluid).

Acting as an advocate, Allison requested funds be used to assist in paying for the student’s much-needed ear surgery, which the family could not afford on their own. Thanks to our generous donors’ support, WNC Bridge could approve Allison’s request.

Following up after the student’s surgery, Allison shared, “This student’s surgery has allowed and will continue to allow fluid to drain from the student’s ears, alleviating pain and infection. I expect the surgery to improve academic performance, especially speech and phonics. Thank you to all who support WNC Bridge’s Community Initiatives.”

Allison Cathey, a Speech-Language Pathologist for Buncombe County schools
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