A Wagon Fit for Adventure

A dream day for three-year-old Blake Snyder of Hendersonville, NC, is taking a trip to the local toy store and picking out the perfect new toy to add to his collection, roughhousing with dad, playing with his brother, and ending the day with some good mom cuddles. Due to a medical condition, Blake cannot move independently, cannot hold himself in a sitting position without assistance from a caregiver, and needs a way to interact in outdoor environments safely.

Blake’s mother, Tanah Snyder, explained how finding a mobility device for Blake that is comfortable, safe, and age-appropriate was a challenge, especially since the family’s insurance viewed this type of device as “non-medical” equipment. “Although he is small in stature, Blake is very much a 3-year-old and wants to be treated as such. He is not a fan of strollers, and most have straps irritating his neck. His motorized chair is not outdoor-friendly because it’s unable to traverse the hilly terrain in our area,” Tanah noted.

WNC Bridge Foundation’s Children’s Services Fund provided Blake with a Wonderfold wagon which his occupational therapist recommended. “The Wonderfold wagon is a perfect fit for our adventures,”  Tanah said excitedly. “The wagon supports Blake in sitting upright while providing the cool-kid style he desires. Plus, the Wonderfold wagon has lots of storage, allowing Blake to bring plenty of his prized toys with room to spare for his medical supplies.”

It is safe to report that Blake and the entire family are enjoying his new wagon. “As soon as we placed Blake in the Wonderfold wagon, he was a fan,” Tanah shares. We only made it a few steps into our walk before Blake’s brother wanted to join him. They were able to interact on a walk for the first time. As parents, we couldn’t help but share a smile as we watched Blake relax with his arm propped up on the side of the wagon, politely listening to his brother point out animals and familiar landmarks. The Wonderfold wagon gave us a wonderful afternoon of memories as a family.”

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WNC Bridge Foundation's Children's Services Fund provided Blake (right) with a Wonderfold wagon which his occupational therapist recommended.
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