44 Local Non-Profits Receive Over $3 Million in Grant Funding from WNC Bridge Foundation

WNC Bridge Foundation announced today that 44 local non-profits will be the recipients of the Foundation’s 2019 Impact Grants, with awards totaling $3,341,836.

Aligning with the Foundation’s goal of being a catalyst for positive change throughout the 18 counties of Western North Carolina, the three focus areas for the 2019 Impact Grants included wellness support, elder care, and youth development.

“To be a catalyst for change for Western North Carolina, WNC Bridge Foundation wants to be more than a band-aid. We want to support organizations and communities to really make change,” said Scott Buchanan, president of WNC Bridge Foundation. “In February 2019, WNC Bridge Foundation began the process of changing our mission, name, and funding strategies. And in just nine short months, the fact that we can offer over $3 million in grant funding, shows the dedication of our foundation board, staff, and supporters.”

The largest grant of $500,000 was awarded to ABCCM’s Medical Ministry and will provide operational support to expand access to medical and dental care, at no charge to the patient. The grant will also allow ABCCM to offer greater access for its working patients by offering sessions in the morning and evenings, during non-traditional times. “We are so thankful to WNC Bridge Foundation for becoming  ABCCM’s partner in supporting our much-needed clinic. We are thrilled to be filling the gaps that provide greater access to care at the lowest costs to thousands of uninsured patients each year,” said Scott Rogers, executive director of  the ABCCM.

A detailed list regarding recipients of WNC Bridge Foundation’s 2019 Impact Grants and special initiatives can be found at WNCbridge.org. The Foundation expects to open its next grant cycle in January 2020.

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2019 Impact Grant Recipient, Evergreen Community Charter School