Your Support is Crucial to Keeping Rathbun House Open

WNC Bridge Foundation is responsible for supporting the annual operations and upkeep for the not-for profit Rathbun House, the only hospitality house in WNC.

100% of your gift today goes toward supporting this community treasure. Your gift will support round-the-clock Rathbun staff, help pay for utilities, manage upkeep of the home, cover day-to-day expenses, and offset the cost for families in need.
Few other giving opportunities offer such a direct and tangible impact to ease the burden of those needing a safe refuge.

Learn more about the Rathbun House and our mission.

Barbara Griswold, volunteer and donor, shares her experiences at Rathbun House.

Rathbun House gave Julie and her family a safe, affordable place to stay in their time of need.