WNC Bridge Foundation 2019 Board of Directors

We greatly appreciate the dedication of our board to the work of the WNC Bridge Foundation. Without their tireless support and hands on involvement we could not provide the services and support that we do throughout Western North Carolina. Our board members live and work in the region we serve and represent many different professional sectors and personal attributes.


William N. Lewin, CPA, CGMA, Chair

Gay P. Vinson, JD, Chair Elect

H. Denniston Crews, M.D., Secretary

Jeffrey A. Gould, Treasurer

Scott Buchanan, President & CEO, WNC Bridge Foundation


Brady Blackburn

Elizabeth Cozart

Kerry Friedman, JD

Matt Groome, CPA, CFP, QPFC

David W. Hart, CFP

Donna Hastie

David L. Hayes

Thomas B. Irwin

Rendi Mann-Stadt, JD

Catherine Metzger

Isaac Owolabi, Ph.D.

Lowell Pearlman

Marcia M. Schroeder, ANP

Lary Schulhof, M.D.

Susan Van Tassel, PharmD

Ex officio

Scott W. Buchanan,

President & CEO, WNC Bridge Foundation