Supporting Non-Profits in Western North Carolina

We know that collaboration is crucial to our goal of creating real and lasting change in WNC. That’s why we are developing partnerships and providing much needed funding to qualified non-profits, who are experts on identifying and addressing the unique challenges that face our WNC neighbors. It is by empowering these non-profits that we can be a catalyst for positive change and improve the lives of the people in all 18 counties of WNC.

We provide funding to non-profits through grants that have an immediate impact in WNC communities. The grant funding for 2019 will focus on the following areas:

Elder Care

WNC Bridge Foundation will initially focus on elder care and addressing the needs of the aging population in WNC, by diligently identifying the greatest determinants of health for the elders in our community, including: access to food; safe housing; utilities; transportation to and from medical care; and adult day programs. We have partnered with MountainCare, whose Adult Day programs have been addressing the challenges facing aging adults and their caretakers for over 30 years.

elder care

Wellness Support

Wellness support is another one of our initial focuses to help remove the barriers that prevent the people of WNC from reaching their potential. Through collaboration with local non-profits, we are providing funding for necessary assistance, including: safe housing, utilities, healthy food, reliable transportation, medical care, clothing and medical equipment.

emergency care

Youth Development

Our initial focus on youth development will be to identify ways we can best provide the support needed to remove barriers that prevent youth from reaching their full potential and establish a more successful future for them. Our areas of support will include: literacy, mentoring, tutoring, and special programs for disadvantaged students. By being a catalyst for change in the lives of the youth, we will be making a difference today and investing in a better tomorrow for all of WNC.

youth care