NOW Grants

WNC Bridge Foundation recognizes there are many WNC non-profit organizations whose good works have limited options to turn to for quick funding decisions.  NOW Grants (formerly called Community Outreach Grants) address this gap in our region.  The application process is low-stress and simple, with a quick turnaround time for funding decisions.

Preference for NOW Grants is given to non-profits who work in the Foundation’s focus areas of elder care, wellness support, and youth development.  NOW Grants are categorized into two areas: Outreach and Support.

NOW Grants – What We Will Fund:

  • Outreach: Grants of up to $2,500 provide funding for non-profits to promote their organizations through their events and outreach in the communities they serve.
  • Support: Non-profit organizations can apply for 1-year grants up to $10,000 for supporting a range of projects, including but not limited to equipment, facility repair, health-benefiting program, short-term pilot programs, bridge funding until a known revenue stream begins, provide skill development training for staff, or support organization’s greatest needs.

Instructions to Apply for a NOW Grant:

  • Click Here to complete NOW Grant’s online application.
  • Applications are reviewed monthly and are due on the 15th of each month.
  • If the request is for equipment, facility improvement, and/or professional development, please include an estimate or invoice.
  • Organizations using fiscal agents are not eligible to apply for NOW Grants.
  • Organizations are only eligible to receive one NOW Grant per year.
  • Organizations can apply for both a NOW Grant and an IMPACT Grant within the same calendar year.

Instructions to access a saved NOW grant application or to submit a NOW grant final report:


NOW Grant recipient, Mount Zion Community Development, Inc, used funds to support its Project NAF. Providing services to African American pregnant/postpartum women, their babies, and families; impacting/reducing Minority Infant Mortality so that African American babies can live to see their first birthday and beyond.