IMPACT Guidelines

In keeping with our 2020 grants, we will continue to grant in the areas of elder care, wellness support, and youth development.  Grant awards begin at a minimum of $10,000 with a maximum award amount of $100,000. The project should take place within the timeframe of November 2021-December 2022.

We Will Fund:

  • Public charities described in section 501(c)(3)
  • Units of government for public purposes (including Native American tribal governments)
  • Other types of non-profit organizations or organizations so long as the grant furthers the Foundation’s charitable purpose
  • Organizations located in and addressing the needs of persons in any 18 WNC counties
  • Capital, program, and operating grants
  • Programs of another funder except for requests where funds would directly pass to another non-profit organization 
  • Programs that demonstrate a need for multi-year funding with a maximum total funding amount of $100,000 over the 3 year period 
  • New or existing programs
  • Collaborative efforts

2021 IMPACT Grant Updates: WNC Bridge Foundation understands your time is valuable, and the work you do is essential. Our goal is to ensure our grantmaking process is thoughtful and that we provide grants to organizations closely aligned with our mission. Based on past IMPACT Grant applicants’ feedback, we’ve simplified and even eliminated a few steps for our 2021 IMPACT Grant timeline.

Note: Your organization’s LOI must be submitted by 7pm, on Tuesday, February 9th.