We believe partnerships are crucial to our goal of creating real and lasting change in Western North Carolina. That’s why we develop partnerships and provide IMPACT Grants to organizations that effectively identify and address the unique challenges that face our WNC neighbors. By empowering these non-profits, we can be a catalyst for positive change and improve people’s lives in all eighteen counties.

 Our grant funding in 2021 will focused on the following areas:

Elder Care

With a growing number of older adults in WNC, we support local non-profits that address this population’s health, social and physical needs through providing services for medical purposes and social interaction. We prioritize funding non-profit partners that address the social determinants of health for older adults to increase quality of life, wellbeing, and their sense of community.

Elder Care: Portfolio Goals

The organizations we support are working to improve the quality of life for individuals age 60 and over through:

  • Increasing access to essential needs such as food, shelter and utilities.
  • Minimizing barriers to accessing quality healthcare services.
  • Providing opportunities for older adults to be socially active in their communities.
Wellness Support

WNC Bridge invests in programs that respond to the urgent needs of its communities and connect individuals to the care they need to improve overall health outcomes, well-being and quality of life. Through collaboration with local non-profit partners, we provide funding for emergency assistance which allow people to thrive in their daily lives.

Wellness Support: Portfolio Goals

The organizations we support are working to:

  • Provide emergency assistance for safe housing, food, utilities, reliable transportation, medical care and equipment and clothing to improve resilience for individuals and families facing unexpected hardships.
  • Connect individuals and families facing unexpected hardships to other community resources.
Youth Development

By being a catalyst for change in WNC, we support children and youth initiatives that have a long-term impact on the health of our communities. We fund non-profit organizations working to remove barriers that prevent youth from reaching their full potential. By centering our portfolio on improving outcomes for youth, we will be making a difference today and investing in a better tomorrow for all of WNC.

Youth Development: Portfolio Goals

The organizations we support are working to:

  • Improve literacy for youth ages Pre-K through 8th grade by seeing a measurable increase in reading ability.
  • Improve socio-emotional learning outcomes for youth. Note, we encourage camps that are providing socio-emotional support to apply for our NOW Grant, instead of going through the IMPACT Grant process.
  • Improve academic outcomes for youth by providing additional academic supports and enrichment programs.
If you work with a non-profit and have questions, please email or call 828.274.6159.