WNC Bridge Foundation is able to be a catalyst for change to help meet the challenges of the people in our community though MountainCare. MountainCare brings together critical services, including: Adult Care, Grief Support, Music Therapy and the Rathbun House, to fulfill important needs within the Western North Carolina region. MountainCare serves almost every audience in our community, from children to seniors and families to individuals, across all income levels. What unites MountainCare’s varied services is the compassion of every member of their staff and their commitment to providing the best possible care to the people they serve.

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MountainCare Adult Day programs have been serving the people of Western North Carolina for more than 30 years. Adult Day has provided support to thousands of families over the years as they have stepped up to the challenge of caring for aging or cognitively impaired adults.

Adult Day Services include:

  • Adult Day Centers – Safe and engaging locations that provide stimulating activities, healthy snacks and opportunities to make friends, while giving caregivers a way to work and manage other responsibilities.
  • Mountain Explorers – A day program for adults with mild impairment who are interested in a structed program for social opportunities, mental stimulation, exercise and enrichment.
  • Overnight Respite – A safe and enjoyable place for participants in the MountainCare Adult Day Care or Mountain Explorers program to stay overnight when caregivers need to go out of town or cannot manage overnight care for other reasons.
  • Free Caregiver Support Groups – Education, support and counseling for caregivers of an aging or impaired adult.

The MountainCare team knows that people who are grieving can truly benefit from the support, understanding and community of others. Their Grief Support Services are designed to help grievers find the support they need, when they need it most, from licensed counselors and grief specialists. MountainCare offers a variety of services depending on specific situations and what works best for each individual and family.

These services include:

  • Individual Grief Counseling
  • Grief Education Classes
  • Grief Support Groups
  • Youth Grief Support Programs
  • Other Special Groups & Workshops

MountainCare understands that the death of a loved one is often a time of crisis for all members of a family. An adult’s grief can be so overwhelming that sometimes children become the forgotten grievers. Children’s reactions to the loss of a loved one can also be different from adults depending on their age and level of understanding. To help children ages 5-17, MountainCare has developed programs specially designed to meet their unique needs.

These programs include:

  • Grief counseling sessions with a specialized counselor, either individually or in a group setting
  • A variety of play therapy tools that allow children full expression of their grief in a safe, supportive environment
  • Counseling services based at the child’s school or at our counseling center
    Family counseling sessions with the child, even if the parents/guardians may be receiving their own grief support

The purpose of MountainCare music-based experiences is to address specific clinical goals through the use of music therapy. The Music Therapy program promotes health and enhances quality of life during difficult times, and its impact can be clearly seen through the lives of those who have participated in the program. MountainCare offers this clinical and evidence-based service in a variety of settings to address the needs of people throughout their lives.

Music Therapy Provides:

  • Emotional support through encouraging emotional expression and processing, and offering grief support
  • Physiological support through pain and symptom management, increasing range of motion, and/or motivating movement
  • Social support through increasing engagement and interaction, decreasing isolation and encouraging reminiscence
  • Spiritual support through providing spiritual community via client preferred music, rituals and practices
  • Cognitive support through increasing attention span, improving life skills and maintaining long-term memory

Examples of music therapy experiences may include: singing, songwriting, music listening and discussion, music-assisted relaxation techniques, improvisation and instrument play.

The Rathbun House, managed by MountainCare, provides a home-like setting for families and caregivers who are accompanying a patient that is receiving treatment at local hospitals. The Rathbun House is a not-for-profit establishment and is the only hospitality house in Western North Carolina.

Amenities of the Rathbun House include:

  • 36 bedrooms, each with two single beds and a private bath
  • Laundry facilities for guests
  • Community kitchen available for guests to bring groceries and prepare meals
  • Recreation, including: TV lounges, walking trails, library, children’s playroom and playground.

Admission is by referral only. Family members and caregivers should contact MountainCare to find out more about admission.

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How to Support MountainCare

WNC Bridge Foundation is proud to provide fundraising support and guidance to MountainCare. For more information on how to donate directly to MountainCare or specific services offered by MountainCare, click here to donate now.