Promoting Community Wellness in Western North Carolina

Our region is strong and growing, but there are many community and individual needs that go unmet every day. To help with some of the individual needs that may not fit neatly into the specific work done by a non-profit, WNC Bridge Foundation established several special programs that provide special assistance directly to individuals in our areas of focus. These programs include:

Community Outreach Grants

WNC Bridge Foundation recognizes there are many smaller WNC non-profit organizations whose good works have limited options to turn to for quick funding decisions.  Community Outreach Grants were created to address this gap in our region.  The application process is low-stress and simple with a quick turnaround time for the decision. 

Preference for Community Outreach Grants are given to non-profits who work in the Foundation’s focus areas of elder care, emergency wellness and youth development.  They are categorized into two areas: Outreach and Support

  • Outreach – grants of up to $2,500 provide funding for non-profits to use to promote their organizations through their events and outreach in communities they serve.

  • Support – Non-profit organizations can apply for 1-year grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 for supporting a range of projects, including but not limited to, equipment, facility repair, health-benefiting program, short-term pilot programs, bridge funding until a known revenue stream begins, or skill development training for staff.

Strong preference is given to smaller grants submitted by smaller organizations (those with an annual budget of $5 million or less).

You’re Special Fund

30 years ago the “You’re Special” Fund was created out of the realization that for financially impoverished individuals, small challenges can present major obstacles in living a full life. For this reason, “You’re Special” is there to help purchase medication, equipment and other essentials to make life easier. It’s not just about a grab bar that makes showering safe for an elderly person or the supply of lifesaving medication that “You’re Special” provides for a low-income stroke survivor. The real gifts that “You’re Special” offers to our neighbors in need are hope and support.

The “You’re Special” Fund provides support to the young and old in WNC and can assist in crisis situations to help low-income patients pay for necessary items that are not covered by insurance, such as hip kits, grab bars, glucose test strips, medications and tub transfer benches. The “You’re Special” Fund is used only to pay for expenses that are not covered by any other source.

WNC Greatest Needs Fund

WNC’s Greatest Needs Fund allows WNC Bridge Foundation to be responsive to new, major and critical needs as they arise in the 18 counites of WNC. Unlike funds designated for a specific purpose or program, WNC’s Greatest Needs Fund is broad in its focus, giving us the ability to address a wide range of changing community needs.